Wynne James has been practicing law since 1975. He has spent most of his career as a partner in several large firms, but in 2011 formed his own practice. Over the last 15 years, Wynne has studied the means by which lawyers provide services and concluded that legal services are, in general, inefficiently delivered and, as a result, unnecessarily expensive. Many of these inefficiencies result from using inexperienced lawyers for a great deal of the work.  Legal costs are unnecessarily high because of the use of  billing by the hour by lawyers who have no incentive to improve their efficiency.

Wynne uses a number of means by which efficiencies are achieved, including, most importantly, relying on his own substantial experience to provide the bulk of services. He operates in a low overhead environment and, when necessary, engages experienced contract lawyers to assist in delivering services. His experience in providing varied business services allows him to perform much of the work and to efficiently manage contract lawyers.

Preferring and encouraging the use of fixed fees and other alternative fee arrangements, Wynne understands that clients want to hold down costs and budget for legal expenditures. His practice is designed to help clients achieve both of those goals, while at the same time maintaining or increasing the quality of services delivered.


“Effective legal representation goes beyond just the provision of specified legal services and includes, most importantly, an understanding of a client’s business and industry and an effective working relationship with its management. The experienced lawyer becomes another knowledgeable advisor to management and brings to that role varied experiences which management can access easily and quickly.  I believe that this relationship is rewarding to both the client and the lawyer.”